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Viewing Restricted Documents

Upon receipt of an email, single click on the document number. If the document is restricted, you will receive a login screen:

  • Enter your ECF login and password. 
  • Note: You will not be able to access the document if you enter your PACER login and password. 

If you have permission to view the document, the document (or parts) will open and allow you to print or save electronically.

The filing user may not be able to view the document if someone else (i.e., any secondary e-mail addressees associated with the filing user’s account) clicked on the NEF and attempted to view the document first because the system believes that the one free look has been used.

If the free look is lost, you may still view the document by following the below steps:

  • Login to ECF with the applicable attorney's login/password. Click Query on the blue tool bar, and enter the PACER login/password. The PACER login/password does not have to be the attorney's but could be the office PACER login/password. 
  • Enter the case number and view the docket sheet. Click on the specific document number to view the document.