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Communicating with Chambers

Judge Sargent's chambers' mailing address is P. O. Box 846, Abingdon, VA  24212-0846.  The delivery address is United States Courthouse, 180 West Main Street, Room 123, Abingdon, VA  24210.

Judge Sargent's judicial assistant is Robin Bordwine (tel.: 276-628-6021, email: robinb@vawd.uscourts.gov, fax: 276-628-6072).  Her case manager and scheduler is Ella Surber, (tel.:276-628-5116, email: ellas@vawd.uscourts.gov, fax: 276-628-1028).

To inquire about scheduling, counsel should contact Ms. Surber, or, in her absence, Felicia Clark (tel.: 276-628-5116, email: feliciac@vawd.uscourts.gov, fax: 276-628-1028).

Proposed orders submitted for entry should be sent to Judge Sargent by email WordPerfect or MSWord attachment to pamelas@vawd.uscourts.gov, with a copy to Mrs. Bordwine at robinb@vawd.uscourts.gov and with a copy to all opposing counsel or unrepresented parties.