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Welcome to the WDVA Opinion Retrieval System.  This system is not a complete inventory of all judges' decisions. Being in eletronic format these copies are not documents of record. Official records are available at the clerk's office. All documents in this system are stored in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.

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Opinions for 10/30/2014

Opinions for this Week

1. UNITED STATES V. RIBEIRO, 1:11CR00035 , Issued-10/27/2014, UNPUBLISHED
2. THOMAS V. YOUNCE, 7:14CV00510 , Issued-10/27/2014, UNPUBLISHED
3. CANADA V. CLARKE, 7:14CV00566 , Issued-10/28/2014, UNPUBLISHED
4. LAWRENCE V. MATHENA, 7:14CV00447 , Issued-10/28/2014, UNPUBLISHED
5. HUGH FRANKLIN LAREW V. SSA, 5:13CV00069 , Issued-10/29/2014, UNPUBLISHED